Other activities nearby

There’s a lot to do in the vicinity of Washpen Falls


Washpen Falls is just a stones throw away from Mt Hutt Ski field. Also in the area is Mt Olympus, Craigieburn, Temple basin, Porter Heights, Cheeseman and Broken River.


Lake Lyndon and Lake Coleridge are the ideal lakes for watersports of all types. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, there's lots of fun to had on Lake Lyndon.

Jetboating and Rafting:

The river Rakaia is not dammed and as a natural river at times it has some of the best jetboating and rafting experiences in New Zealand.


Enjoy the experience of the open air by horseback. There are organised treks and free trekking, horses for beginners and spirited steeds for the real horsemen. By horseback you see things that you cant see by car and you have time to enjoy them.


The Rakaia River and Lake Coleridge are a short drive or even even within walking distance and are both renowned for salmon and trout fishing.


With the international standard Terrace Downs Golf course nearby you are guaranteed a wonderful experience on this beautifully naturally undulating course. There are other courses in the vicinity if you are not game to try your luck with the serious golfers.

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